Omkar Tiwari Trimbakeshwar Pooja Nashik POOJA Pooja at Trambakeshwar (Trimbakeshwar) by  Omkar Tiwari Nashik India Satchandi Yagna
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Satchandi Yagna

"The Sat Chandi Yagna is the worship of God as Mother. A yagna is performed to attract the attention of a particular deity, so with Chandi we are calling the Mother and asking for Her help. This depends on our devotion. This is a yajna of bhakti. The yajna area is considered sacred and must be treated with respect and decorum. The Mother knows all our needs and wants, yet we still have to ask Her. It is the mother's job to raise the child and provide for its needs, so make a sankalpa asking the Divine Mother to help with your needs. "
                                                                                                      -Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The Sat Chandi Yagnas   at Trimbakeshwar is conducted for the health, well-being and fulfilment of not only the people of this town, but for the benefit of the whole planet. Sri Panditji often tells us that God gave him the divine command to serve his neighbours; in our limited minds we usually think of this as his immediate neighbours in Trimbakeshwar. But Panditji's vision is much bigger and encompasses the entire planet and all its inhabitants.Satchandi Yagya Havan is a very unique, rare and elaborate Yagna. Getting the SatChandi yagya havan done is an act of great merit and brings immense blessings from the Divine Mother. When one gets done the SatChandi Yagya, one acquires immense energy. As a result, even the greatest hardships that may seem hopeless to an individual may be conquered and at the same time immense blessings from the Divine Mother can be brought in.

Preparations : With mantra and mudra, the pandits call upon the Devi, asking her to be present. Through purification, consecration and invocation, the entire yajnashala becomes the symbolic representation of the universe. Even the pillars are worshipped as the energy that supports the universe. Symbolically speaking, the whole of creation is installed within the yajnashala to participate in this ancient ritual of creation. Each and every feature of the yajnashala symbolizes some aspect of the universe and the deities. Nothing is forgotten, not even the demons, for they also have a place in the Divine Creation. So they too are worshipped and offered food to their liking.





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